Creation of Adam (detail)

by Michelangelo Buonarotti, 1512

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    Michelangelo Buonarotti (1475-1564)

    Period: High Renaissance

    Michelangelo is indubitably one of the greatest geniuses in the art world who cast influence over European art until Picasso took his place. Mainly a sculptor, he was also an architect and painter, yet, he always said he loved sculpture more than anything. Having quite a temperament he found relationships with others difficult which is why he spent most of his life alone. He believed that the human form is the ultimate expression of human sensibility and beauty. In his paintings Michelangelo created figures using sculptural terms – using the light to model them, so that he could create them in a similar way as he would be shaping a block of marble. He was very inventive and never repeated the same pose twice.

    Key artwork: The Creation of Adam (part of Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings in Rome), 1508-1512

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    40×30 cm (16″W x 12″H), 80×60 cm (30″W x 24″H), 100×75 cm (40″W x 30″H), 120×90 cm (48″W x 36″H)

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