The Ambassadors

by Hans Holbein the Younger, 1553

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    Hans Holbein the Younger (c. 1497 – 1543)

    Period: High Renaissance

    Hans Holbein was the greatest portrait painter of his time. Born in Switzerland, he moved to England and became the official painter of the Royal house. His paintings are almost as detailed as photographs, the detail is remarkably sharp. His portraits have a wonderful feel of structure of a face and the personality within. He died of the plague and there is very little known of his life.

    Key artwork: The Ambassadors, 1533

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    20×20 cm (8″W x 8″H), 30×30 cm (12″W x 12″H), 40×40 cm (16″W x 16″H), 50×50 cm (20″W x 20″H), 60×60 cm (24″W x 24″H), 80×80 cm (30″W x 30″H), 90×90 cm (36″W x 36″H), 100×100 cm (40″W x 40″H), 120×120 cm (48″W x 48″H)

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